The Mad Fangirl (the_mad_fangirl) wrote in housebunnies,
The Mad Fangirl

From the “Wilson’s long lost brother” file...

pairing: any or none
suggested genre: superhero (?) crossover, action, humor
Dr. James Wilson’s long lost brother is... the Marvel Universe’s wiseass mercenary, Wade Wilson, A.K.A. Deadpool. He decides to swing by PPTH and let his bro know that he’s still alive, just horribly disfigured. Of course, he’s got his own reasons to head for Jersey, and they follow him. Explosions and property damage ensue.

I like this because Wade Wilson was disfigured when his terminal cancer interacted with a synthetic healing factor injected to cure it, so automatic irony. Also, if you can write House, you can write Deadpool. They both lack an editor between brain and mouth, and boy, would I like to see them meet up.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t write this myself, because I’m really sketchy on Marvel continuity these days. I have no idea what the ‘Pool’s been up to lately, or if his continuity allows for him being Wilson’s brother (minus that whole bizarre T-Ray thing. What was that about?). But if anyone picks it up, I’d be thrilled.
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