cyanide_lollies (cyanide_lollies) wrote in housebunnies,

:O 2nd Gen Duckling Slash?

Bunnyspecifics <3

Pairing: Cole/Kutner, whichever other pairings you wish to throw in.
Suggested Genre: Romance, slash. (Angst? Hurt/Comfort? Fluff? Smut? The choice is yours!)

  My ideas are pretty open ended and straight forward: after episode 408 I'm dying for a little taste of the HMS Lovenugget (*cough* they're totally not my new OTP and I so didn't give them a dorky name rather then calling them 'Coltner' >.>). They went out to Magic Shows together, Kutner babysat for Cole...come on, what more do we need?

My idea pretty much involves post-babysitting sex (Or...romance, if you aren't comfortable writing a higher rating). The kid's tucked away in bed, Cole is lonely, Kutner know what comes next >D

Another bunny that's been chewing on my brain for the last...four a tad more in-depth and set post!plotbunnyone. Cole feels frightened and conflicted with his and Kutner's budding romance. His religion forbids it and...come on, he's a single dad...he can't get involved with another man, right?

But love is a strange, strange thing, and Cole is finding it virtually impossible to get Kutner off his mind and out of his life...especially considering he sees him every day at work. In a desperate last move, he nominates Kutner to be sacked.

...And okay, it kinda'...backfires on him. But at least he's not forced to interact with Kutner anymore! =D

But of course, the feelings don't go away (do they ever?) and now he's got guilt and loneliness on top of them.

So after however much angst you want to stuff into it, the only thing for him to do is apologise.

Will Kutner accept? Will there be a happy romantic ending?

...Well I don't know, it's your story >D 

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