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1. Wilson is a Pretty Woman.

Pairing: H/W

Genre: slash, romance, fluff, angst

Summary: Basically follows the idea of pretty woman with House as Richard Gere and Wilson as Julia Roberts. House uses escorts as a way of avoiding intimacy. When Wilson visits he makes House realise he needs intimacy and he falls in love with Wilson. Ducklings and Cuddy make an appearance throughout the fic (chase as a substitute for Wilson? Cuddy as Wilson’s boss?) Can end happily or with Wilson rejecting House. Features a stronger, more confident, sensuous version of Wilson than portrayed in the show. House is the one who is more hesitant.

Inspirational aid: Pretty Woman - specifically the idea of not kissing the client and/or the piano scene (if you can write a good version of that I will love you forever).

2. House meets his hero: Jack Bauer!

Pairing: Gen or House/Whoever (I prefer H/W but that’s me)

Suggested Genre: Crack!fic

Summary: House falls asleep watching 24. Dreams he is in 24 with Wilson (more opportunity for quality snark). Activities revolve around the hospital. Includes cutting to other characters and occurring in real time. Jack Bauer may or may not make an appearance.

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