Slash Queen Extraordinaire! (ilovedoyle) wrote in housebunnies,
Slash Queen Extraordinaire!

House/Wilson AUs

As a teenager, Greg House had a crush on RSL after seeing 'Dead Poet Society'
As he enters his final year at Johns Hopkins, the memory of this 1st crush comes back to him upon meeting a freshman by the name of James Wilson..........

In a similar fashion, after catching an episode of Jeeves and Wooster on PBS, a teenage Wilson is quickly enthralled. Finding young Hugh Laurie to be handsom in a lanky british sort of way.
It opens his mind to the possibility of fancying other men - which he quickly quashes: untill he enters Med School. He hears of the legend that is Greg House and strives to meet him.
However, the shock of actually seeing him, and the sharp reminder of that 1st male crush - Jimmy flees.
House's curiosity is sparked by this odd reception..........
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