Yvi (recrudescence) wrote in housebunnies,

Get House Laid: Round 2

Are you a shamelessly smut-mongering fiend? Drowning in porny plot bunnies? Do you prowl through the comms hunting down the filthiest fics you can find and still come out wanting more?

Then get over to get_house_laid and post your prompts here for Round 2 of the all-pairing smutfest!

Prompts for both fic and art will be collected until January 31. A comprehensive list of all new submissions, as well as any leftover prompts from Round 1, will be posted February 2. All participants may post between March 1 and May 1. More details are available on the GHL profile page.

Again, all pairings are welcome. Whether you want House and Wilson screwing in a sauna, Chase discovering Foreman’s foot fetish, or a Scooter/Cameron/Nurse Brenda threesome with mpreg, throw it all out there and donate your sick, perverted fantasies to a worthy cause!

Cross-posted absolutely everywhere. =)
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