starhanyou (starhanyou) wrote in housebunnies,

Stories I'd like to see

House / Invisible Man / The Sentinel - Bobby Hobbes ends up at PPTH under House's care. House takes Hobbes off his meds and they discover the reason he was taking them was because of his sentinel-type senses. (Darien is his guide, obviously.) The Keeper shows up, and we find out she's related to Cameron.

House/QAF - House/Wilson and Brian/Michael - could easily happen, remember Brian had testicular cancer diagnosed by a trick. Lots of flirting going on makes "he's just my best friend" designations questionable. 

House/Due South - H/W and Fraser and Ray Vecchio (not Stan).  Much opportunity here for verbal dueling.

House a la Cold Comfort Farm - This one hit me out of the blue when a story showed up titled "Cold Comfort." Stephen Fry's in it, as well as a host of other big names. In case you haven't seen the movie -
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