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new bunnie from a new bunnie breeder

okay lets see
pairing: house/chase
genre: any really
summary: okay this is a "no reason" related fic. cameron finds out that chase is house's medical proxy and has been since about a month after he started his fellowship.
plot notes/aids: how does this play out in relation to house's request at the end of the finale. how does cam react? how did this come to be? it would also be good to show parallels to what house hallucinated during the episode and go on as long as you want. other than that, try to stay as close to canon-characterisations as possible and have fun.
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This sounds like a wonderful bunny. I really wish I could write it but I haven't seen most of season 2 (&^$&* law school). I also missed the final episode, law school finals really hurt my tv watching.

I really hope someone writes this. It sounds great!