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New Challenging Community [10 Sep 2008|03:01pm]


I'm trying to advertise my new challenging community here (multi-fandom, RPF accepted too). If it's forbidden on this community, than I'm very sorry and you're welcome to yell at me and delete this post :)

If I managed to interest you tough, here are few words about said community.
The idea is to inspire stories from one fandom by a quote from another. That's, I believe the most basic outline of the main idea. :) Please feel free to check the community for yourself and read first post and rules in case you want to learn more and maybe participate in the challenge.


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Get House Laid: Round 2 [03 Feb 2008|03:56am]

Hello again!

get_house_laid is now closed to any further prompt submissions and claims have begun. We have almost 400 smutty prompts to choose from, all listed here.

• To claim a prompt, please comment with the number and the actual prompt itself (just copy and paste it). You don't have to specify whether you're claiming it as a fic prompt or an art prompt.
• You may claim as many prompts as you like, but we suggest no more than two to start with, so more people can play. Please don't claim more than you think you can write before the deadline.
• Once a prompt has been claimed, it will be crossed off the list.
• The list will remain open until the end of the challenge so if you complete your original claims, you can come back and pick up more! Which we encourage! Very strongly! *g*
• Stories should be a minimum of 500 words. Beta reading is definitely encouraged. We'll make a post soon for people to volunteer their services as betas and for other people to find betas.
• This is a smut fest, so all stories and artwork should be rated R or NC-17.
• Stories and artwork can be posted anytime between March 1 and May 1.
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Get House Laid: Round 2 [21 Jan 2008|03:06pm]

Are you a shamelessly smut-mongering fiend? Drowning in porny plot bunnies? Do you prowl through the comms hunting down the filthiest fics you can find and still come out wanting more?

Then get over to get_house_laid and post your prompts here for Round 2 of the all-pairing smutfest!

Prompts for both fic and art will be collected until January 31. A comprehensive list of all new submissions, as well as any leftover prompts from Round 1, will be posted February 2. All participants may post between March 1 and May 1. More details are available on the GHL profile page.

Again, all pairings are welcome. Whether you want House and Wilson screwing in a sauna, Chase discovering Foreman’s foot fetish, or a Scooter/Cameron/Nurse Brenda threesome with mpreg, throw it all out there and donate your sick, perverted fantasies to a worthy cause!

Cross-posted absolutely everywhere. =)
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:O 2nd Gen Duckling Slash? [21 Nov 2007|02:13am]

Bunnyspecifics <3

Pairing: Cole/Kutner, whichever other pairings you wish to throw in.
Suggested Genre: Romance, slash. (Angst? Hurt/Comfort? Fluff? Smut? The choice is yours!)

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[07 Oct 2007|06:42pm]

Characters: Wilson, Chase (can be slash, but does not have to be)

Wilson is in love with House.  However House doesn't swing that way and is getting married - to Wilson's cousin.  At the reception, Chase notices Wilson well on his way to getting trashed and figures out why.  The happy couple can appear, but should not be the focus of the fic.  The focus should be the interaction between Wilson and Chase.

My own warped imagination.  I plan to use this bunny in a fic I'm going to right someday, but it will be a long time before I get to it, so I though I'd let someone else tackle it in the meantime.
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[19 Aug 2007|04:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

1. Wilson is a Pretty Woman.

Pairing: H/W

Genre: slash, romance, fluff, angst

Summary: Basically follows the idea of pretty woman with House as Richard Gere and Wilson as Julia Roberts. House uses escorts as a way of avoiding intimacy. When Wilson visits he makes House realise he needs intimacy and he falls in love with Wilson. Ducklings and Cuddy make an appearance throughout the fic (chase as a substitute for Wilson? Cuddy as Wilson’s boss?) Can end happily or with Wilson rejecting House. Features a stronger, more confident, sensuous version of Wilson than portrayed in the show. House is the one who is more hesitant.

Inspirational aid: Pretty Woman - specifically the idea of not kissing the client and/or the piano scene (if you can write a good version of that I will love you forever).

2. House meets his hero: Jack Bauer!

Pairing: Gen or House/Whoever (I prefer H/W but that’s me)

Suggested Genre: Crack!fic

Summary: House falls asleep watching 24. Dreams he is in 24 with Wilson (more opportunity for quality snark). Activities revolve around the hospital. Includes cutting to other characters and occurring in real time. Jack Bauer may or may not make an appearance.

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Gen Fic [26 Jul 2007|03:14pm]

Fourth Season, House is searching for new ducklings, right?  What if Jordan Cavanaugh from Crossing Jordan is looking around for a new job?  Think House would enjoy having a former medical examiner working for him?
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Evil plot idea [19 Jul 2007|11:15am]

House and various people of his inner circle go on Dr. Phil.  And how's that working for you?  (Dr. Phil catch phrase.)
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Stories I'd like to see [29 Jun 2007|01:29pm]

House / Invisible Man / The Sentinel - Bobby Hobbes ends up at PPTH under House's care. House takes Hobbes off his meds and they discover the reason he was taking them was because of his sentinel-type senses. (Darien is his guide, obviously.) The Keeper shows up, and we find out she's related to Cameron.

House/QAF - House/Wilson and Brian/Michael - could easily happen, remember Brian had testicular cancer diagnosed by a trick. Lots of flirting going on makes "he's just my best friend" designations questionable. 

House/Due South - H/W and Fraser and Ray Vecchio (not Stan).  Much opportunity here for verbal dueling.

House a la Cold Comfort Farm - This one hit me out of the blue when a story showed up titled "Cold Comfort." Stephen Fry's in it, as well as a host of other big names. In case you haven't seen the movie - http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Calendar/Film?Film=oid%3A138147
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Songfic bunny [06 May 2007|10:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

pairing: House/Stacey, House/Wilson, House/Cameron, House/Chase, House/Foreman, House/Wilson/Cameron, House/Cuddy/Wilson, House/Cuddy, House/Wilson/Chase
suggested genre: Songfic, angst 
summary: "I Was Wrong" by The Sisters of Mercy is SUCH a House song....I can so imagine him having this song on his iPod (along with a bunch of other SoM songs). ANYway, base your fic around the song. Run with it. Go nuts.
inspirational aids: The lyrics. I've highlighted the ones that I feel especially relate to House and his relationships with the above-mentioned pairings. Download the song if you feel so inclined....

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Twin Peaks x-over [18 Apr 2007|09:47pm]

pairing: House/Special Agent Dale Cooper

suggested genre: Angst/Romance/Drama

summary: Annie Blackburn is transferred, and naturally, Dale comes along with her. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love....again...all the while dealing with BOB.

inspirational aids: The last episode of Twin Peaks and any episode of Twin Peaks with Dr. Albert Rosenfield (who was basically House before there was House ;-))
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House/Wilson AUs [23 Feb 2007|12:24am]

As a teenager, Greg House had a crush on RSL after seeing 'Dead Poet Society'
As he enters his final year at Johns Hopkins, the memory of this 1st crush comes back to him upon meeting a freshman by the name of James Wilson..........

In a similar fashion, after catching an episode of Jeeves and Wooster on PBS, a teenage Wilson is quickly enthralled. Finding young Hugh Laurie to be handsom in a lanky british sort of way.
It opens his mind to the possibility of fancying other men - which he quickly quashes: untill he enters Med School. He hears of the legend that is Greg House and strives to meet him.
However, the shock of actually seeing him, and the sharp reminder of that 1st male crush - Jimmy flees.
House's curiosity is sparked by this odd reception..........
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[26 Nov 2006|09:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

bunny specifics

pairing:chaseman (chase/foreman)

summary: Princeton-Plainsboro has turned into Giligon's Island. Foreman is the millionare and Chase is the wife.

Inspirational aids: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtCrkqr8Lt0 (sorry I'm new to this and don't know how to link it. If somebody would like to tell me that would be great.)

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Sect... [13 Sep 2006|03:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]


pairing: any

suggested genre: any though humour will fit best most probably

summary: House declares himself as a sect leader and his ducklings (and others) are his followers.

inspirational aids: My friend suggested to make it like the Robbie Williams clip to "Sin Sin Sin" which just made sure that the bunny wouldn't leave again while I'm to busy taking care of others.

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[07 Jul 2006|09:23pm]

[ mood | bouncybouncybouncy!!!!! ]

hey all... got a pic for slash day if anybody wants to write a fic for it? total free range on everything, would prefer slash for the obvious reasons. :)

link to my journal is below along with all teh details, and i'll have wilson and house up most likely this weekend.
i'll be sure to post the links to them when i do, just in case one wants free range choice of just one of these three, or you can use two/all three.. so.. yay!
onto it!

Very Pretteh Chase ^_^

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new bunnie from a new bunnie breeder [14 Jun 2006|09:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

okay lets see
pairing: house/chase
genre: any really
summary: okay this is a "no reason" related fic. cameron finds out that chase is house's medical proxy and has been since about a month after he started his fellowship.
plot notes/aids: how does this play out in relation to house's request at the end of the finale. how does cam react? how did this come to be? it would also be good to show parallels to what house hallucinated during the episode and go on as long as you want. other than that, try to stay as close to canon-characterisations as possible and have fun.

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Has House met his match? [04 Jun 2006|06:25pm]

Pairing: House vs. Scarecrow... (and any other PPTH staff you want to throw into the mix)
Suggested genre: Crossover w/ Batman Begins. Horror, suspense, angst--it's all evil good.
Summary: What if the latest addition to the staff at PPTH was Psychiatrist Jonathan Crane? Oh, the possibilities! He and House are both brilliant and twisted and have mastered manipulating people. Who's going to survive, and in what condition? Bonus points if Cameron winds up in a rubber room! Double bonus points if House out-thinks Crane.
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[25 May 2006|03:23pm]

pairing: House/Crandall
suggested genre: any
summary: It's not really a plot bunny, more of a pairing bunny. So. Fic involving House/Crandall, either actively or post-involvement. Cuz, really, "If he was a woman I would've married him." Yeah.

...If anyone writes this fic, I will totally send you cookies... Please? Anyone?
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Newbie with Beta-Needs [23 May 2006|09:32pm]

Alright. I am brand, spakin' (Only for money) new to this fandom in terms of fanfiction. I'm in the process of finishing my first House/Wilson fic and I desperately need a Beta to make sure I've actually got a grip on the characters and I'm not just making it up. *cough*.

So betas, come, please. I wasn't sure where to make this sort of announcement but I figured, atleast in the Prison Break Fandom alot of betas hang around the bunny boards, might as well try my luck here!
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From the “Wilson’s long lost brother” file... [07 May 2006|04:28pm]

pairing: any or none
suggested genre: superhero (?) crossover, action, humor
Dr. James Wilson’s long lost brother is... the Marvel Universe’s wiseass mercenary, Wade Wilson, A.K.A. Deadpool. He decides to swing by PPTH and let his bro know that he’s still alive, just horribly disfigured. Of course, he’s got his own reasons to head for Jersey, and they follow him. Explosions and property damage ensue.

I like this because Wade Wilson was disfigured when his terminal cancer interacted with a synthetic healing factor injected to cure it, so automatic irony. Also, if you can write House, you can write Deadpool. They both lack an editor between brain and mouth, and boy, would I like to see them meet up.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t write this myself, because I’m really sketchy on Marvel continuity these days. I have no idea what the ‘Pool’s been up to lately, or if his continuity allows for him being Wilson’s brother (minus that whole bizarre T-Ray thing. What was that about?). But if anyone picks it up, I’d be thrilled.
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